Tile & Grout

tile and groutHeaven’s Best can also clean the tile and grout floors in your home. Strong but safe cleaning solutions are used on the grout lines, then allowed to soak (dwell) the surface and loosen the soil. The surface is then scrubbed and the dirt and grime is extracted using specifically designed equipment, restoring the floor to its former beauty. A sealer is then be applied to the grout to protect the appearance and to prevent resoiling of the grout. Pricing of tile and grout cleaning is determined by square footage and also the size of the tiles (the smaller the tile size the more grout lines per square foot).

If you would like to see some of the tile and grout work we have done, please take a look on our before/after page.

We are always adding information to our news page. ┬áIf you’d like to read more about sealing your grout read our POST here.